We are thrilled to let you know that we have been upgrading our traditional SSD hard drive based servers to all new State Of The Art Samsung 3D V-NAND PCIe cards to store your data instead using traditional hard drive to store your data. Rapiditcare.com is one of very first few providers adopt this latest technology.

Advantages to our Master resellers:

1. 200% ++ Faster Performance than traditional SSD's (Solid State Drives). 

2. 1600% Faster Performance than traditional SATA Hard Drives (Spin Drives).

3. Marketing Advantage to users - You ill get hosting plans as 200% faster than any other SSD based hosting provider or 1600% with any Spin Drive based hosting provider.

4. Enhanced Reliability - Storing data on PCIe Cards are safer and much more reliable than Traditional Hard Drives. 

Migration Status: Completed

The live migration is scheduled to start on Sunday 09, September 2016 0800 GMT. Each Master Reseller customer would be contacted individually before and after the transfer. 

Best Regards.

Rapid IT

Sunday, September 4, 2016

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